Carpets are expensive and that’s why we should take extra care while cleaning them. It’s a lot better decision, if you hire a professional carpet cleaner for carpet cleaning purposes.

Here are few things and tips to consider before and after carpet cleaning is done. Have a look.

Follow these steps before performing the carpet cleaning task, whether you’re doing it yourself or you’ve hired a professional carpet cleaner:

  • Remove all rugs and mats.
  • Get rid of things from under the bed, closet and tables, if the carpets area under them is to be cleaned.
  • Remove all small things off the carpet.
  • Pick all things placed on furniture which may be moved while cleaning is done.
  • Remove all lightweight furniture.
  • For cross ventilation open windows and keep fans ready
  • Activate the heater or AC, if you’re unable to open windows.

Follow these steps after the carpet cleaning task is completed, whether you’re doing it yourself or you’ve hired a professional carpet cleaner.

  • To assist speed up the drying method, set up fans to blow across the carpets.
  • Ensure that you open windows or turned on the heater or AC.
  • Until the carpet is completely dry, do not move any piece of furniture back onto it.
  • Under the feet of furniture, place a small piece of plastic, if the furniture has any metal below the feet. If the metal becomes wet, it will rust, leaving behind a rust spot on the flooring.
  • Don’t walk on the newly cleaned flooring with dirty shoes or feet. Scrub the bottoms of indoor shoes or slippers that you’re going to use on the rugs.
  • Avoid placing sheets, towels, newspapers etc. on the flooring.
  • Walk carefully on hard floors as they’re slippery
  • Vacuum the carpet after it becomes completely dry.

Here are a few carpet cleaning tips:

  • If the spill is thicker than usual liquid, then blot or scrape and take away the maximum amount of spill you can in the first attempt.
  • Don’t scrub or rub a spill, you may spread and push the spill deeper.
  • Use water or stain remover on the stain and blot it up.
  • If you employ a stain remover then first check it on a small unseen space to make certain it is safe to be used on your carpet.
  • If you act promptly most stains are often cleaned with water and a small quantity of washing detergent combined, and then rinse with cold water.

Final Thoughts: Extra care should be taken while cleaning the carpets in your home because even a small mistake can ruin a carpet permanently. However, for a thorough carpet cleaning you should hire professional carpet cleaners in Sydney who can make your rugs look like brand-new.