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Scotchguard Protection

Prevent stains with Scotchguard.

If you need your carpet repaired we can handle it all. From bulges, waves, holes, tears and undone seams. Small damages don't require you to replace the entire carpet, we can make that eyesore disappear. Call us today to schedule your FREE estimate, with no obligation!

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Scotchguard Protection Treatment

Call today. Stop stains before they happen!

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What are the advantages of Scotchguard Treatment?

Scotchguarding provides a protective barrier for your carpet to protect it from everyday use while maintaining the carpets appearance. The treatment is odorless and prevents the fibers from absorbing spills and stains. Fast Service at Great Prices. Ask about scotchguard when you schedule your appointment with Central.

What to do when I spill something after scotchguard treatment?

Don't worry! Scotchguard coating gives you a wider window of time when stains occur to clean up the spill.

Why should I Scotchguard?

  1. It protects your carpet from oil and water based stains.
  2. It fights soiling from happening in busy homes.
  3. Creates a barrier against moisture also known as spills.
  4. Preserves your carpets, extends the life of your cleaning and makes future cleaning easier.

Ask your certified carpet cleaning technician for Scotchguard Treatment.

While our technicians are there to provide you with a Free estimate on cleaning, ask them about scotchguard treatment and if it's right for you. Our sanitizing, deodorizing and disinfecting services are not only safe for you home and family but also removes harmful allergens, dust mites, pathogens and mold at the source.

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