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All Organic and Non-Toxic!

We offer all types of green carpet cleaning to suit your needs. Steam Cleaning, Shampoo Cleaning and Deep Cleaning services are all performed with organic and safe cleaning agents. We guarantee you highly trained technicians prepared to give you the best price at the best quality of service. Call us today to schedule your FREE estimate, with no obligation!

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Rest assure, our services leave your home safe!

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Green Cleaning for 20+ Years.

Central Rug and Carpet has been using organic cleaning products for over 20 Years. We don't do it for the fads, we do it to keep your home fresh and family healthy. Our services also can help reduce allergens and bad odors. Fast Service at Great Prices. Book your next carpet cleaning with Central.

How long before its safe to walk on the carpet?

Immediately! However, we do recommend to try to stay off them for the approximate drying time. You don't have to worry about your family and pets, we are all Non Toxic and Organic.

Will the organic products clean as well?

  1. Although using cleaning agents is necessary, the outcome of yourjob is directly related to the experience of the technician. We only hire the best!
  2. Organic cleaning products if used correctly can provide amazing results.
  3. Our steam cleaning, deep cleaning and shampoo services require skilled technicians to extract the most unwanted elements from your carpet while keeping your carpet in tact.

How long does it take to clean and dry?

Organic products take the same amount of time as any other chemical alternative. This time frame is usually between 2-8 hours. During this time, as the carpets dry, the wonderful scents will rise without any harmful elements for your or your family to inhale.

Organic Carpet Cleaning