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Everyone can appreciate the look and feel of leather, and with the proper maintenance you can enjoy fine leather for many years to come. Many people have little knowledge of how to care for leather. We guarantee you highly trained technicians prepared to give you the best price at the best quality of service. Call us today to schedule your FREE estimate, with no obligation!

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Leather Cleaning & Conditioning

Central Rug and Carpet has been servicing carpets for over 20 years. Regular cleaning and replenishment of natural oils, will keep the leather in good condition for a very long time. Your leather furniture is in safe hands with our professionally trained and certified technicians who understand that every piece of furniture is unique and requires specialized care. Fast Service at Great Prices. Book your next carpet cleaning with Central.

How can I remove a stain from my leather?

Like any other material leather needs to be cared for, cleaned, and repaired to be kept in good condition. But most important, the proper types of products must be used to maintain the natural beauty of leather. Unfortunately, with the array of products available it is difficult to choose an effective product. Many products are only mediocre or do more harm than good.

What type of leather cleaning do you offer?

  1. When we arrive we will asses the furniture and determine the type of leather and which process will work safely and most effectively.
  2. We then apply a cleaner that will break up the dirt and oils on the leather.
  3. We will then gently agitate the surface of the leather and remove dirt and oils with a terry cloth pad leaving a clean dry surface.

Do I need to do anything to maintain my leather furniture if it doesn't appear dirty?

Oils in your leather dry out and evaporate even when your leather is rarely used, it is important to replenish these oils as well as occasionally cleaning the leather to protect it for years to come.

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