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We clean antiques over 100+ Years Old.

With the thousands of years old art that inspires the finest of rugs, that same history has inspired the cleaning and preservation of these works of art. We understand the value in antique rugs and we have over 20+ Years of experience dealing witht hem. Call us today to schedule your FREE estimate, with no obligation!

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Owning fine antique rugs is not only a pleasue, but a responsibility.

Every four years, your antique rug should be washed and inspected. Airborne grime deposit into your rugs, even the ones used less frequently. Even the heating in your home can dry the rug fibers, cleaning can remoisturize your rug to extend its life. Ask about scotchguard when you schedule your appointment with Central.

What if i just have a spot to clean?

Spills and stains require immediate attention. DO NOT use chemical cleaners or stain removers as this may create permanent damage to your rugs color or integrity. You can flood the section of the rug and blog out the moisture to try to clean the spot. Repeat as necessary. If the stain is still there, call us up and well schedule you in same day, guaranteed.

Things not to do with your antique rugs.

  1. Do not store rugs in a closet or attic unchecked for more than a month. These areas are at the highest risk of moth damage.
  2. Do not store in your basement. This area can cause dry rot to your rugs.
  3. Do not use brush rollers or vacuum cleaners. This can cause extensive damage to the pile of the rug.
  4. Do not treat with chemical cleaners. This can prevent a professional cleaner from removing the stain easily if needed, in addition to cause extensive damage.

Our technicians are highly trained in antique rug cleaning.

While our technicians are there to provide you with a Free estimate on cleaning, ask them about scotchguard treatment and if it's right for you.

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