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We off expert rug cleaning in all types of fine rugs. Valuable rugs are damaged everyday with inexperienced rug cleaners. We also clean for rug retailers and interior decorators. Call us today to schedule your FREE estimate, with no obligation!

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We offer Free Estimates and Free Pickup and Delivery.

Fine rug cleaning covers all types of rugs that are delicate and handmade. We have years of experience and state of the art equipment to treat all types of fine rugs. Contact us today to have one of our certified technicians to inspect your rugs and offer a Free on the spot estimate.

What to do when you have a spill or stain?

Do not use chemical cleaners or stain removers. In order to clean the spot try flooding the area and blotting with a cloth. Also test a small corner of the rug in order to determine the color fastness of the rug. Some rugs are more delicate than others. If you need assistance, call us today, well schedule you in right away.

Why is it important to clean my rugs?

  1. Every four years or sooner depending on usage.
  2. Dirt and soil act like sandpaper to the pile of the rug.
  3. Airborne grime attaches to your rugs without even walking on it.
  4. Storing your carpet in the attic or basement can lead to dry rot and moth damage. Also heating in your home causes your rugs to dry out, requiring cleaning to remoisturize it.

Our technicians are highly trained in antique rug cleaning.

While our technicians are there to provide you with a Free estimate on cleaning, ask them about scotchguard treatment and if it's right for you.

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